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To Download Mastic Asphalt drawings please click on items below:

Mastic asphalt flooring and skirting to tiled shower baths or similar

Mastic asphalt flooring overlaid with wood block finish

Mastic asphalt flooring to drainage channels with light duty gratings

Mastic asphalt flooring to heavy duty drainage channels

Mastic asphalt flooring with ceramic tile finish

Mastic asphalt flooring with decorative sheet or tile finish and skirting board

Mastic asphalt flooring with skirting board

Mastic asphalt flooring with mastic asphalt skirting

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If you’d like to become a member, please contact the Director by email or write to, The Mastic Asphalt Council, 27 Greenways Crescent, Shoreham By Sea, Sussex BN43 6HR


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