For specifiers and contractors looking for an efficient, cost-effective and simple-to-install way to weatherproof the exposed parts of buildings including walkways, balconies and terraces, then mastic asphalt is a proven surfacing material like no other.  Seamless, durable and with exceptional waterproofing characteristics, mastic asphalt can be installed with minimal disruption and downtime, and will protect balconies and walkways from the worst of the elements.   


    Winter may be a few months away, but now is the time to protect your balconies and walkways from the elements and the costly damage caused by cold weather.  To this end, walkways must be safe to use in both wet and dry conditions and avoid the surface reflection of materials which may affect foot traffic. This is where seamless surfacing materials such as mastic asphalt provide the perfect answer.

    Used extensively as a long-life wearing surface in urban paving situations where durability and consistency is paramount, modified bituminous materials such as mastic asphalt can bring real benefits to balcony and walkway construction. Delivering better and longer lasting surfaces, and savings in total lifecycle costings, mastic asphalt is capable of out-performing and outlasting all other comparable materials.

    Along with mastic asphalt’s sheer versatility, inherent waterproofing properties and wearing qualities, the added functionality of slip resistance further enhances the material’s suitability for public walkway areas – and in reducing the potential for any slips and trips.

    Another benefit is that mastic asphalt can be laid at speed which will result in minimal disruption, particularly when it comes to the refurbishment of walkways that provide access to flats for example. Because Mastic Asphalt is laid in molten form it is frequently confused with other types of membrane that require naked flame or torch-on application. For smaller projects such as walkways, balconies and terraces, solid blocks are preheated in boilers placed at ground level.  At no time is there any type of naked flame at the point of installation and because mastic asphalt is so highly flame resistant, there is little or no potential of fire risk.

    Highly cost-effective, mastic asphalt offers lower installation costs than many other types of membranes. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for not only walkways, terraces and balconies, but also roofing and paving. It is also extensively used on bridges, car parks and other types of structural decks.

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