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Mastic asphalt, an integral part of our nation’s heritage

The sprawling megalopolis of London is revered across the world for its architectural heritage but as you wander around the capital city, there is a building material that is highly effective, long lasting and featured in many an historic and prestigious building.  From Buckingham Palace to St Paul’s Cathedral, mastic asphalt has the longevity necessary [...]

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A Short History of Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt is one of the world’s most traditional waterproofing materials and has had a long and successful history, providing unbeatable protection from water penetration for centuries. Renowned for its high quality appearance and robust nature, when was it first used and what makes it so appealing today? A material that can boast a history [...]

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MAC Awards

The 2016 MAC Contractor of the Year Awards are coming… Every year, the MAC Awards crowns the year’s very best projects and contractor. The prestigious ceremony ensures valuable publicity for the winners, boosts business and creates demand from potential customers looking to employ the country’s top mastic asphalt contractors. So don’t delay, get your entries [...]

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