Mastic asphalt is capable of outperforming and outlasting almost every other type of industrial and domestic flooring material. Its damp-proof properties and wearing qualities make it the obvious choice for many specifiers.

Mastic asphalt can be quickly installed using a hot charge process, and it cools very rapidly – allowing carpets and furnishings to be replaced within two to three hours (depending upon ambient temperature).

Once installed, mastic asphalt offers a quality, dust free, seamless and user-friendly surface. This makes it perfect for industrial applications, where there are likely to be high levels of traffic from forklifts and similar vehicles. Special grades of mastic asphalt can also be used for flooring applications where spark resistant properties are vital, or when increased resistance to acid solutions is required.

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The material is equally suitable in a domestic environment. When it is installed correctly, as part of an approved building package, mastic asphalt is a proven waterproof membrane and radon gas barrier. See BRE Guidance Notes CISFBL26 A3 1991 protective measures for new dwellings.

As well as being a proven damp-proof membrane, mastic asphalt provides the ideal base for carpet, vinyl or other types of smooth flooring.

Mastic asphalt flooring

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mastic asphalt flooring

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