The versatility and strength of mastic asphalt make it the ideal choice for a wide range of highways applications. With a number of systems approved for use by the Highways Agency, mastic asphalt is regularly specified as a reliable repair and protection solution by local authorities nationwide.

Mastic asphalt offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications and can be laid to match the profile and texture of the surrounding road surface, providing a smooth ride for carriageway traffic.

In addition, the material requires no special primers or bonding agents, and can be rapidly installed in a variety of scenarios, dramatically reducing delays and enabling roads and highways to remain open longer. It is also able to resist heavy rutting and shear and can accommodate substantial differential movement.

Mastic asphalt can be used to provide solutions to a wide range of typical problems experienced on today’s busy highway network:

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Bridge Expansion Joint System
Bridge expansion joints can become distorted through heavy, slow moving vehicles or overloading, leading to irreversible damage – especially with low movement asphaltic plug type systems. In such situations, mastic asphalt provides a heavy duty, highly flexible repair and protection system.

Inlaid Crack Repair System
A rapidly installed repair providing a long-term solution to reflective cracking in tarmac or concrete, designed to withstand even heavy traffic.

Transitional Joint System
Where road surfaces meet metal tram and train rails, severe fatiguing and traffic damage can occur. This is caused not only by road vehicles, but also from the increased vibration and excessive tensile movements within the rails at crossovers and bends. Mastic asphalt transitional joint systems provide the ideal solution.

Road Surface Patch Repairs
The combination of increased traffic levels and severe weather events has led to a marked increase in potholes in recent years – and their appearance puts pressure on highway engineers to repair them quickly with minimum disruption. Mastic asphalt provides a simple, but highly durable surface repair solution.

Ironworks Reinstatement
High modulus mastic asphalt can also be used as a long-lasting system designed to reinstate failing surfaces surrounding manholes, drainage gullies and other public utilities ironworks.

Highways ironworks reinstatement using mastic asphalt

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Mastic asphalt manhole reinstatement
Mastic asphalt highways applications
Highways applications using mastic asphalt