As a paving material, mastic asphalt offers exceptional durability and waterproofing characteristics. The smooth seamless surface it provides reduces the risks of pedestrian slips and trips, which often result in costly personal injury claims.

The material is suitable for a wide range of paving applications – from resurfacing the Severn Bridge, to city centre carriageways, market places and multi-storey car parks.

Smaller paving contracts can be supplied in block form, so that the required quantity can be re-melted on site. Larger contracts can be supplied via hot charge transporters carrying up to 15 tonnes of freshly made product – direct from the manufacturer to the contract site.

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Mastic asphalt is the most useful and versatile surfacing material – providing flexibility in terms of contract size, time and scale of application. There are a wide variety of product specifications available (especially polymer and TLA 50/50 mixes) and it’s even available in a choice of different colours from some manufacturers. What’s more, mastic asphalt eliminates the need for large site laying plant and it’s available to the discerning engineer at a very competitive cost!

Mastic asphalt paving

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Mastic asphalt paving