The Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC) is the trade association for the UK mastic asphalt industry. MAC represents more than 90 companies – including mastic asphalt manufacturers, the contractors responsible for its installation, and associated suppliers of equipment and services.

Top quality products, design and workmanship are fundamental to the Mastic Asphalt Council. MAC membership is only open to those manufacturers and contractors that can satisfy the stringent quality requirements. These strict membership requirements enable MAC to justifiably claim that it represents the UK’s top 70 mastic asphalt contractors, as well as leading manufacturers.

That’s why you should always look for the MAC logo – only MAC members can use this mark of quality.

The Mastic Asphalt Council is a non-profit making independent body, which:

  • Promotes the use of mastic asphalt;
  • Provides a technical information service to architects, surveyors and other specifiers, on the design of all types of mastic asphalt installation;
  • Regulates quality and workmanship standards for the materials’ installation;
  • Sets codes of good practice and promotes measures governing the safety of operatives;
  • Encourages high craft skill levels, backed by CITB-approved training schemes, to a minimum of NVQ Level 2 and, ideally, to NVQ Level 3;
  • Represents its members’ interests at industry, national and international levels through liaison with other trade associations, professional societies, government departments and international bodies;
  • Liaises with Unite (Trade Union) on supporting terms and conditions of the national working rule agreement;
  • Sponsors the research and testing of mastic asphalt materials and associated equipment.


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