Mastic asphalt is most commonly used for flat roofing applications but due to its waterproofing properties and durability, mastic asphalt is increasingly being specified for residential applications to protect balconies, terraces or exterior steps. Member contractors of the Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC) are reporting huge demand for the waterproofing of balconies or steps on townhouses in London.

It is essential to keep balconies, steps and walkways completely waterproof in order to preserve the materials they are constructed from, to prevent structural defects, to prevent them from becoming a safety hazard and to enhance their overall appearance.

Mastic asphalt is particularly popular on stone and concrete surfaces which are susceptible to cracking and deterioration over time, allowing water through into properties and becoming dangerously slippery in the rain.

Waterproofing is carried out by highly skilled mastic asphalt operatives, applying the product to provide effective long-term waterproof protection, a smooth finish, non-slip properties and durability to withstand constant foot traffic. Water ingress can prove to be extremely costly and disruptive and mastic asphalt has proved to be a highly effective solution for keeping residential properties dry and free from water penetration.

In one recent project, MAC contractor member Sussex Asphalte carried out a refurbishment project on a residential property in Sloane Gardens, London. With a highly desirable location on the boundaries of Belgravia and Chelsea, mastic asphalt was used to waterproof a terrace area at the property.

Mastic asphalt had previously been used to waterproof the terrace so the work involved stripping the existing asphalt back to the original screed, laying new mastic asphalt, painting with a solar reflective coating and finishing with GRC promenade tiles of the customer’s choice in terracotta. Mastic asphalt will comfortably accept foot traffic, but as the balconies are likely to have tables and chairs on them, it was decided to overlay the mastic asphalt with tiles for additional protection.

This article featured within the November 2021 edition of RCi Magazine – click here to view the article.