As the trade association representing the mastic asphalt industry in the UK, the Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC) has over 90 members, including mastic asphalt manufacturers, the contractors responsible for its installation and associated suppliers of equipment and services.

Mastic asphalt is one of the few construction activities still regarded as a ‘craft trade’. The skilled work involves ensuring that asphalt is at the correct temperature, and then spreading it using traditional techniques to coat the surface. A thermoplastic material that changes shape when heated, mastic asphalt cures to form a hard, durable, finished product to suit all applications of mastic asphalt.

To maintain the industry’s reputation and ensure high quality applications for every single project, only trained applicators are permitted to install mastic asphalt under MAC’s strict rules. Being a MAC member enhances the reputation of a contractor and gives a badge of quality and assurance that they meet the very highest of standards with regards to factors such as trading and credit history, insurance policies and quality of workmanship.

MAC’s latest contractor member is the M & A Group, which has a long history of successful mastic asphalt installation. With origins dating back to 1979, the family owned company was first established by proprietors Allan and Hilary Baines as M & A Mastic Asphalt. Allan and Hilary, who are 75 and 73 respectively, are still heavily involved in the running of the business today.

Allan first got involved in mastic asphalt application in his early twenties. He bought an asphalt mixer, became a mixer man and subsequently got involved in the spreading of mastic asphalt. Even to this day, he still goes out on site with M & A Group’s mastic asphalt installation gang.

Based in the Baines’ home town of Derby, M & A Group carries out roofing and flooring projects throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and beyond. After significant success in the areas of mastic asphalt roofing and flooring, the business expanded into other areas of waterproofing.

M-&-A-GroupThe ‘M & A’ in the company name refer to Allan and Hilary’s children, Matthew and Andrew. Although Andrew isn’t involved in the running of M & A Group, eldest son Matthew, 46, has recently become Contracts Manager at the company and is looking to expand its operations, particularly in the field of mastic asphalt. Having been involved in the business over the years, Matthew has valuable experience that will help drive things forward, with particular expertise in the flooring sector.

Matthew told us: “We’re looking to expand the business significantly over the coming months and years, and we hope that mastic asphalt will play a big part in that expansion. Around 30% of the work we currently do is related to mastic asphalt projects but we hope to increase it to about 50% of our business.

“This is one of the key reasons why we have joined MAC. Much of the mastic asphalt work we currently carry out is domestic projects, such as application of mastic asphalt to balcony areas, but we want to get actively involved in bidding for larger, commercial projects.

“We liaise with IKO who are a manufacturer member of MAC and as a business we are very keen to start using IKO’s Permaphalt product as it is the most advanced mastic asphalt product on the market.  Contractors need to be a MAC member to apply Permaphalt to ensure quality installation, so MAC membership became an absolute priority for us.
“We can see that the market for mastic asphalt is buoyant and we want to capitalise on that. We currently have one installation team but we are looking to expand and we are in the process of recruiting two new apprentices so we can help build our future and develop skills in the next generation.

“Mastic asphalt is a win-win product for us to use. For flat roofs, it is by far the most long-lasting waterproofing material we use. We sometimes apply other roofing materials depending on the contract, and asphalt roofs will outlive these by two or even three times as much. It provides an excellent solution to many roofing concerns, particularly those where time and cost are significant factors.

“Over the years, we have been involved in the refurbishment of a number of historic buildings and mastic asphalt is the ideal cost-effective waterproofing option. As well as for roofing projects, mastic asphalt comes into its own for flooring contracts where floors may not have an effective damp-proofing membrane. Mastic asphalt presents an ideal solution to a significant problem and it quickly cures to allow other trades to continue their work soon after application.

“Mastic asphalt is also low maintenance and provides great peace of mind. This sustainable, long-lasting product is the future of roofing. It really is one of construction’s best kept secrets!” Matthew added.

This article featured within the March 2022 edition of RCi Magazine – click here to view the article.