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  • Paradise Street

    Mastic asphalt roofing provides the base for numerous attractive roof finishes: i.e. roof gardens, inverted roofs with stone, slab or timber decking finishes and, of course, roof tiles and reflective coatings.

  • Kings  Cross

    As a paving material, mastic asphalt is the most useful and versatile - providing flexibilty in terms of contract size, time and scale of application

  • Garden

    Mastic asphalt is widely considered to be the most reliable waterproofing system available for green roofing projects

  • Union sqaure

    Because of its inherent strength and durability, it has been used on many high profile projects throughout the UK

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Why Specify Mastic Asphalt?

Mastic asphalt is the ultimate in protection for a wide range of construction applications. It offers total waterproofing integrity for roofing and tanking, acts as a tough working surface and damp-proof membrane in flooring and is ideal for paving, offering a durable wearing surface.

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