The combined properties of mastic asphalt’s waterproofing and durability provide excellent protection for roof top playgrounds areas in inner city schools.

One school taking advantage of the qualities of mastic asphalt is the £15 million Golden Lane Campus in Islington, London. Situated in a busy urban environment where space is at a premium, a MAC contractor used 3000m2 Permaphalt Fullbond mastic asphalt waterproofing on the first floor podium and second floor teaching terraces at the campus. The completed podium provides large attractive landscaped areas for children’s learning and recreation including outdoor teaching areas, playgrounds and a multi-use sports pitch.

Because of its inherent strength and durability, mastic asphalt has been used on many high profile projects throughout the UK particularly in design situations like playgrounds, where heavy foot traffic is likely.

It also offers an interesting environmental factor for the school as mastic asphalt was the first industry in the world to achieve the CarbonZero status. MAC’s 100 independent contractors, hauliers, installers and manufacturers have wherever possible reduced their carbon emissions and use of energy. The remainder has been offset with environment friendly energy saving schemes in the third world.
It means that any project receiving the waterproofing benefits of an advanced mastic asphalt system will get a 100% CO2 neutral solution.