David Maginnis, managing director of Briggs Amasco, the UK’s leading national industrial and commercial roofing company, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC).

He follows, Keith Collins, managing director of Bexley based contractors Bell Asphalt and will remain in post for the next two years.

“I look forward to ensuring that mastic asphalt comes to the forefront of sustainable building by continuing to promote its exceptional longevity and reminding major developers of its proven green credentials. I also aim to delve deeper into the green issues by continually improving the way mastic asphalt is manufactured and laid,” said David.

He will be leading an organisation that already has an impeccable green record. In January 2008, MAC made history as the first industry in the world to achieve Carbon zero status – underlining the status of mastic asphalt as a green waterproofing material.

Working closely with co2balance – a leading carbon management company – MAC first reduced its carbon emissions to a bare minimum. Any remaining carbon was offset through carefully chosen projects that have acted to reduce worldwide carbon still further.

In his new role David will also be working closely with the National Specialist Contractor Group to achieve nil retentions within the construction industry and will be keeping costs under constant review in order to offer MAC members the best possible value for money service.

David, who began his career in the roofing Industry in 1981 as a management trainee for HH Robertson, has worked for Briggs Amasco for 21 years. During his time with the company he has project managed major contracts including the development of the iconic £125million Waterloo International Terminal in 1992. Just two years later David was promoted to director, before reaching his current position as managing director in 2002.

A chartered builder by profession and a member of the Chartered Institute of Builders, David has completed three London triathlons as part of team ‘Roofing Racers’ in conjunction with SIG Roofing. Having started with around 15 members, he is now among 100 ‘Roofing Racers’ who last year raised over £35,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.