It’s not just school and university roofs that mastic asphalt is transforming. It’s also ensuring that newly installed floors remain for the lifetime of the building too. Pupils at Shevington High School in Lancashire missed out on sports activities when the school’s gymnasium floor failed.

Recognising the need for a hard wearing replacement, the projects flooring specialists reverted back to a product with consistent success rates and laid 30 tonnes of mastic asphalt, guaranteeing that sports activities can continue for the duration of the schools life.

A contract to renew the floors at Warwick University also led to the development of mastic asphalt’s latest pioneering breakthrough, mastic asphalt terrazzo flooring. In all, a MAC contractor laid 1700m2 of coloured flooring in the student bar area, introducing an attractive alternative to traditional flooring finishes.

Another major advantage with using mastic asphalt on large surface areas like floors is that it can be laid at speed, reducing the project costs significantly. The material can be delivered to site, direct from the factory, at the correct temperature for instant installation via a hot charge transporter or insulated dumper. One 15-tonne hot charge delivery vehicle can supply enough mastic asphalt to lay 300 square metres of material to a depth of 20mm.