From Brent Cross in London to Union Square in Aberdeen, Bluewater in Kent to Kirkgate in Bradford, shopping malls across the UK must not only provide an attractive, modern shopping environment with a good tenant mix, they must provide a secure, high-quality and low maintenance environment.  Faced with the worst of Britain’s weather, these large retail spaces have all opted for one building material, mastic asphalt, a waterproofing system which delivers the kind of performance that building owners and modern retailers expect. 

According to the Mastic Asphalt Council, mastic asphalt remains a long established waterproofing membrane and continues to be the system of choice for many new and existing retail developments across the country.  When you consider that at many malls the car park deck and roof are one of the same, it’s absolutely critical that water ingress is prevented – a leak or failure of any kind could have catastrophic results.

Structural waterproofing is crucial for the exposed areas of rooftop and multi storey car parks. Without it, water ingress occurs, weakening the concrete structure and corroding the steel reinforcements – which can prove fatal to any building – however, good waterproofing is only part of the story.  Any type of car park surface must also be immensely durable to tolerate constant vehicle trafficking.

Modern mastic asphalt, developed over years of intensive research, has proven itself superior to many of the expensive systems on offer today.  Mastic asphalt offers superb value owing to its longevity and ease of installation.

Highly suitable for car park and roofing applications – mastic asphalt is not to be confused with tarmac is a void less blend of bitumen and graded limestone. Though wholly waterproof – it can withstand the heavy passage of vehicles that car park applications require and has high standards of skid resistance.

Take the Kirkgate Shopping Centre Car Park in Bradford,a refurbishment where contractors resurfaced 11,000 square metres of the main top deck in just eleven weeks. The area provides the main customer access to the shops below and access was maintained at all times throughout the project, ensuring minimal disruption to traders and shoppers throughout the project.

Mastic asphalt has one further advantage over other types of waterproof membrane – it is carbon neutral – a massive bonus for the nation’s retailers, anxious to show their green credentials and, when it has reached the end of its useful life, it can be recycled or used as roof screed, minimising the impact on the environment.

Offering such a wealth of benefits, it’s easy to see why mastic asphalt remains the first choice for so many shopping centres that are not prepared to risk anything else