Mastic asphalt has many years been a natural choice for architects and specifiers of green roof systems. Durable and one of the greenest construction materials in the UK – it’s perfect for eco-friendly, waterproofing solutions.

Also one of the most cost-effective membranes of its kind, independent studies have shown that correctly designed and installed mastic asphalt will last in excess of 50 years. Outperforming any other membrane on life cycle costs, its longevity further reduces its minimal impact on the environment.

As it is far less prone to damage than other membranes, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and the potential for costly leaks are reduced. The smart, seamless structure allows repairs to be made efficiently.

At the end of its typical life cycle, which frequently spans several decades, mastic asphalt can be recycled or used for roof screed etc. As such, the environment and the building will continue to be protected for future generations.

Renowned for offering outstanding green credentials, MAC’s manufacturers and contractors have achieved the CarbonZero standard, setting a precedent for others to follow.

So when any green project requires an eco-friendly, waterproofing solution – mastic asphalt is the natural first choice.