Traditional cement screeds can be slow and labour-intensive so aren’t always up to the job. With a walk-on drying time of just one hour, Permascreed is the mastic asphalt screed offering an efficient and cost-effective way to level or create drainage falls on flat roofs, walkways and vehicle decks.

Alongside a fast-track application that uses traditional methods, Permascreed from IKO PLC also offers a rapid cooling process.When time is of the essence, it provides an ideal solution for busy sites where other trades are waiting to get to work and on exposed sites where the Great British weather can bring construction to a standstill.

As Permascreed has zero water content, it eliminates the time taken for moisture to evaporate in traditional screeds. Also, there is no risk of cement stained water getting into the underlying structure. With the screed thickness itself up to 80% less than traditional materials, it is also much lighter than traditional materials and ideal for both refurbishments and new builds.

Suitable for a variety of applications, Permascreed can be laid onto primed concrete, glass fibre tissue or torch-on glass based bituminous membranes. Made from selected bitumens, limestone filler and specially graded aggregates, its flexibility and fast curing time enable the applicator to achieve precise falls quickly and more efficiently.

Combining the reliability, simple application and proven performance of mastic asphalt with modern construction techniques, Permascreed is a highly efficient and highly versatile roofing solution for when there’s a need for speed.