Sussex Asphalte have secured a prestigious contract to undertake repairs to St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The Brighton and Hove based firm will be working on the Stone Gallery that circle’s the iconic Dome of St Paul’s – the masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren and one of the most recognisable landmarks in London. 

At 53 metres the Stone Gallery provides some of the best views of the London skyline but its exposure to the elements and deterioration to its surface has allowed water inside the Dome, damaging paintings that depict the life of St Paul.

Sussex Asphalte has been successful in securing the contract to replenish the gallery by replacing asphalte that was laid over 100 years ago in 1906. Work is expected to start in April.

It’s not the first time the firm has worked on St Paul’s having undertaken other restoration work on site in recent years.

“It’s great for a local family owned company to secure a contract at St Paul’s Cathedral. In terms of architecture and heritage it’s one of the most important buildings in the UK, if not the world” said Managing Director, Julian Coulter.

Sussex Asphalte is nearing its 70thanniversary having been established in 1948 and has remained a family owned and run the company since its formation.

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