With the latest deluge of heavy rain causing flash floods and the evacuation of homes, there is no escaping the fact that the UK may experience another winter of catastrophic floods. The devastation caused to homes and businesses by rising water levels and subterranean water ingress is costing local authorities and homeowners millions of pounds every year. So how can we ensure that in the future our buildings are properly protected from the ground up?  With the best defence possible – mastic asphalt – one of the world’s most traditional materials.

Whenever it rains, it is likely that there will be a build-up of water in the ground surrounding a building, raising the water table, leading to hydrostatic water pressure. This water pressure is exerted on the floor and walls of the basement and can lead to water penetration through cracks, joints and structural weaknesses in the basement. Without a tried and tested tanking system this water ingress can then lead to mould, decay, structural problems and other damp-related issues.

Even the smallest leaks can lead to big problems which is why it’s critical that specifiers choose a high performance solution that saves time, money and hassle.  The natural solution to all your tanking needs, mastic asphalt remains the finest quality membrane for resisting underground moisture penetration. And to this day, large areas of London including the Houses of Parliament still rely on mastic asphalt for total protection against rising underground water.

This tanking system provides a continuous waterproofing lining to protect walls, floors and foundations. Offering seamless qualities and a proven track record of success, mastic asphalt is not just an ideal choice for the specifier, but for contractors and clients too. And because it won’t degrade – unlike other waterproofing membranes – it provides trouble-free service for the design life of the structure.

Flooding issues caused by heavy rain, high tides and swollen rivers will continue to require management as extreme weather across the UK becomes the norm. But with correctly designed houses and commercial properties protected by mastic asphalt, we can ensure that flooding caused by rising water table levels is history.