For a new nightclub in Brighton, the owners required a stylish floor that was hardwearing, durable and could withstand heavy footfall on a regular basis.  Offering ease of installation, long term durability and a decorative finish, IKO’s new mastic asphalt terrazzo flooring was up for the challenge. 

In what was once a former art deco hotel on Brighton’s iconic seafront, the newly refurbished Patterns Nightclub has been rebranded and redesigned, and offers cutting edge music to the south coast city which is in keeping with its musical heritage.  In order to create the required ambience for client Mothership Group, architect Andrew Haythornthwaite worked with contractor Bell Asphalt to specify, design and install a 200m2 terrazzo floor which is a major aesthetic feature of the nightclub space, bringing variation and texture as well as being incredibly durable and hardworking.

IKO’s terrazzo flooring is an innovative, hard-wearing material which produces a seamless and durable surface – the perfect choice for a busy nightclub. It’s easy to clean and, if damaged, inexpensive to repair, which makes it a truly versatile product suitable for many high-traffic locations such as hotel lobbies or reception areas in commercial buildings. It is also contemporary in look, with a high quality, glossy finish.

To complete the modern look it’s tailorable with different grades and a choice of five colours of stone which are added at the mixing point to provide a bespoke finish. The combinations available make terrazzo one of the most adaptable floors in the market.

With this iconic and popular music venue open for business, the terrazzo flooring solution met the client’s aesthetics whilst delivering a seamless, durable and low maintenance floor which guarantees outstanding long term performance.